Latest news

23. May 2017 Launching of the POSE-study website 

23. May 2017 Call for centres and National Coordinators 

21. August 2017 Already 60 registered centres from 17 countries! First Ethical Approvals were received in the Russian Federation, Denmark, Ireland and Germany. Pending Ethical Approvals in Greece and the UK. The eCRF Open Clinica is planned to be ready until 1st September 2018. 

17. September 2017 OpenClinica database is ready!

18. September 2017 Endorsement of the POSE-Group as an official ESA Research Group

26. September 2017 Endorsement of the POSE-study by the SGAR (Suisse Society of    Anesthesiology and Reanimation) 

29. September 2017 First Patients enrolled in the Russian Federation and Ireland 

04. October 2017 Already 87 registered centres from 19 countries!

09. October 2017 Endorsement of the POSE-study by the DGAI (The German Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine)

18.October 2017 We welcome the 100st registered centre in our POSE-Study “University Hospital of the Saarland, Homburg, Germany”

20. March 2018 Thank you for your outstanding support for our POSE study! Up to now we have already 1745 documented patients in our database. This corresponds to 23% of our aimed sample size of 7500 patients. 

22.March 2018    Meet us at: First Investigator meeting scheduled during the ESA congress in Copenhagen

WHEN? 04.June at 08h30-10h00 in the Meeting Room 18-19

25. May 2018 The new EU General Data Protection Regulation was enforced. For further information please see also our ETHICS section on this website. 

June 2018 The steering committee has decided to extend the recruitment period for 4 months until 31.12.2018

04.June 2018 The first POSE investigator meeting was held in Copenhagen. Please find here the presentation, which was held by Prof. Mark Coburn

July 2018 Over 5000 patients were already included in the POSE study

September 2018 Over 7000 patients included! 

November 2018 The aim of 7500 included patients was achieved!

2nd December 2018 Last possible recruitment start date for centres

December 2018 Data cleaning and monitoring process is ongoing