About the Study


The continuously increasing elderly population (≥80 years) in Europe suggests a dramatic growth in the number of elderly patients undergoing a variety of surgical and non-surgical interventional procedures. Little is known about the peri-interventional mortality rates and outcome in this specific elderly population.

POSE will go far beyond other observational studies, like the EUSOS or ISOS study, as POSE will assess specifically the elderly population (≥80 years), if in- or outpatient, elective or emergency surgery and it will also include cardiovascular surgery and non-surgical interventions. 


Primary: To determine the peri-interventional (surgical and non-surgical interventional) all-cause mortality rate on day 30.

Secondary: To assess an array of post-interventional major complications and functional and cognitive outcome until the post-interventional day 30. Furthermore, we aim to identify differences in the geriatric peri-interventional management across Europe.

Study design

European multi-centre, prospective observational cohort study with the aim to include 7500 patients in total.

Recruitment period: 30 days (self-selected by each centre)

Follow-up period per patient: 30 days after intervention

Inclusion criteria

  1. Age ≥ 80 years
  2. Written informed consent prior to study participation according to the national law requirements
  3. All consecutive patients undergoing surgical and non-surgical interventions (e.g. radiological, neuroradiological, cardiological, gastroenterological) with anaesthesia care (performed by an anaesthetist) within the selected inclusion period of 30 days
  4. Elective and emergency procedures
  5. In-patient and out-patient procedures

Exclusion criteria

  1. People who are institutionalized by court or administrative order
  2. Patients with re-intervention within the 30 days recruitment period, who were already enrolled in this study