Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who can participate?

Is there a minimum patient number, which should be included into the trial?

Will my work be recognized?

How will POSE work?

Which patients should be included?

Which procedures should be excluded?

Should we include every patient, who fits the inclusion criteria and doesn`t have exclusion criteria?

Which data should be collected?

When does the recruitment period of 30 days start for a centre?

Does the recruitment period of 30 days have to start at the first day of a month?

What is, if a patient has surgery twice during the recruitment period?

Can we also participate, if the recruitment period has already started?

How is the Hospital length of stay after intervention until the follow-up day defined?

How is the total ICU length of stay after intervention defined?

How are the start and the end of anaesthesia defined for spinal anaesthesia?

How is the end of anaesthesia defined, if the patient is transferred intubated to the intensive care unit?

How to verify the outcome reporting (Serious cardiac or pulmonary complication, Stroke, Acute kidney injury) by the patient on postoperative day 30?

Does Extubation in Visit 2 mean the same as removal of laryngeal mask airway?

Re-admission to hospital and hospital length of stay

Please inform the study team ( as soon as you have finished your recruitment and follow-up period. Please send them: